Friday, 1 November 2013

LAX shooting: LAX shooting: Celebrities live tweet from scene

The shooting drama at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday resulted in a surreal influx of live reporting from the most unlikely combination of celebrities: From The Bachelor host Chris Harrison to members of Discovery’s Mythbusters gang to actor James Franco. Even the filming of the final season of AMC’s Mad Men was apparently disrupted.
A gunman open fired in the airport this morning, killing a TSA agent, according to CNN. A suspect was taken into custody after being pursued through Terminal 3.

A 40-year-old victim of the LAX shooting has died, according to the L.A. County coroner.
Pete Williams of NBC News said a "series of federal officials" don't believe the gunman was a TSA employee as had been reported by other media outlets. "All we know is this is a man in his early 20s who is a U.S. citizen," Williams said. The suspect is not believed to be from the Los Angeles area; an out-of-state ID was recovered, according to Williams. He is in critical condition at UCLA Medical Center, and it's unlikely that investigators have been able to question him.
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