Monday, 4 November 2013

CCSU: Professor's son arrested in CCSU incident

A 21-year-old Central Connecticut State University student, who is also a son of a highbrow there, has been identified as a chairman who triggered a campus-wide warning occurrence in New Britain today.
The think has been identified as David Kyem, of Newington, a comparison who is a proprietor of James Hall. He is a son of CCSU Professor of Geography Peter Kyem.
The whole distress started usually before noon Monday when students reported saying a male with a gun and a sword on campus.
Police poured in and took 3 students into custody. The doubt now, was a whole thing a misunderstanding?
David Kyem walked out of a CCSU troops dialect wearing conflict fatigues and an orange troops character shirt. Dozens of people suspicion he was a gunman on a remove as witnesses saw a samurai sword on his behind and a gun in his belt.
His father says it was a misunderstanding.
“He was wearing a Halloween costume, and when he got there, he ran to James Hall. They are all dress element plastic, a facade and all was,” pronounced Dr. Peter Kyem, suspect’s father, CCSU Geography Professor.
Police charged David Kyem with crack of peace.
It all started on a city train when witnesses contend they saw a melancholy looking man.
When asked if he was in deception and wearing a mask, Jana Beckford, a CCSU youth said, “yes a facade and he was like since is he wearing a mask, Halloween is over, afterwards he saw a gun and that is when he got scared.”

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