Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Black Friday 2013: Get ready for the $50 Android tablet Black Friday 2013 deal -- again

When Intel recently predicted $99 tablets for the upcoming holiday season, it must have forgotten last year's deals. Those included a $49 7-inch Android tablet Black Friday special from Walmart, not to mention a $69 one from OfficeMax.
A year later, such deals look like they're coming back. Walmart already has some pre-Black Friday online specials available, including an Android tablet from third-tier brand Xelio for the familiar $49 price. Like last year's Black Friday deal, it includes an anemic 4GB of onboard storage, but this year's model offers a roomier 10.1-inch screen.

Likewise, the leaked Toys "R" Us Black Friday ad shows a Polaroid-branded Android tablet for $49.99, though this one is a 7-inch slate (again, with just 4GB of user-accessible storage). And regional retailer H.H. Gregg has a 7-inch Android tablet on sale for $69.99 as part of its pre-Black Friday special. (Yes, it has 4GB of storage as well.)
With most Black Friday deals still under wraps, these appear to be early indicators of more cut-rate tablet specials to come. They're invariably using Android for obvious reasons, though they're more likely to use an older version of the OS that is powered by basic specs (no Retina-quality displays, no latest quad-core processors). Given their status as the anti-iPad in terms of price and cachet, what is the impact of these bargain-basement tablets?

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