Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kerry Washington:'SNL' recap: Host Kerry Washington smartly handles heavy diversity mantle

This week’s episode of SNL felt like it had something to prove, though what that was never became entirely clear.
If its intention was to prove that Kerry Washington brings a spark of energy to most anything she touches, it succeeded. If its intention was to prove that Jay Pharoah has grown into more than just a skilled impressionist — and judging by previous seasons, not without a considerable amount of work — then it succeeded. Further, it succeeded in addressing – but only addressing – the elephant in the room that is the lack of diversity in its cast.
SNL proved that it can still do what it has always done: slyly address an issue with comedy and confidence, without feeling the need to offer any real solutions or insight as to how to take care of the problem. Perhaps Al Sharpton said it best (what???): “What have we learned from this…as usual, nothing. Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” Let’s hope he won’t be right forever.
Kerry Washington was the first person to portray Michelle Obama since Maya Rudolph, and SNL wasn’t shy about addressing its lack of diversity.

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