Saturday, 2 November 2013

Daylight Savings Time 2013

Daylight Savings Time 2013

When Do the Clocks Fall Back to End Daylight Saving Time 2013?

Daylight savings time ends in the United States on Sunday, Nov. 3, at 2 a.m. By then, the sun won't be showing its face until 7:34 a.m.

You will be setting your clock back one hour, following the adage of “spring forward, fall back.” The “extra” hour gives you a chance to catch up on the sleep you lost in March when the clocks moved forward and daylight savings time began.

5 Weird Facts About Daylight Savings Time:

1. The time change was formally implemented during WWI

2. Arizona and Hawaii don't recognize DST

3. Almost 30% of Americans have admitted it makes them late or early

4. You're less likely to have a heart attack the week after DST 

5. Your internal clock is less accurate than actual clocks (but you probably already knew that)

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