Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Josh McCown; Josh McCown, Marc Trestman save Bears from the dregs of a one-sided rivalry

The Bears and Packers have been playing meaningful football games since 1921. The Bears actually hold a 93-88-6 (six!) advantage all-time. But over the last two decades, Bears-Packers has been more like a fight between brothers that ends with the younger one trapped in a figure-four leg lock, crying helplessly and cursing his birth year. The Bears can talk about the importance of Packers week and its historical significance all they want; inevitably, things end with Chicago feeling beaten physically, mentally and emotionally. These truths are irrefutable. 

The Bears had no business winning in Lambeau Field on Monday 
night, but they got it done thanks to an inspiring effort from 
their rookie head coach and backup quarterback.

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